Project Management Training

The EPMO Offers:

  • Training Sessions            
  • Industry Training Information & Links
  • Self-Service Training Resources & Materials (created by the EPMO)

Training Sessions

The EPMO offers classes in project management fundamentals and the EPMO’s project management deliverables, standards, processes, and templates. The classes demonstrate the use of our industry standard tools and techniques through learning our processes and how to apply them while working with business areas. The training educates you on how to prepare for projects, to procure commodities and professional services, and to manage projects. Classes are generally offered twice annually and are scheduled through the DHR Summit Training Center.

Industry Training Information & Links

There are many organizations devoted to establishing the standards and disciplines practiced in these professions, including those devoted to project management, business analysis, change management, and procurement. Listed below are several widely recognized affiliations, some of which include our EPMO staff as members. These organizations periodically post relative training opportunities, events, and information on the steps and prerequisites to becoming certified in these professions.

EPMO Training Resources and Materials*

Below are links to some EPMO training materials on various topics. We hope to continually improve and add new topics to our offerings: