Project Oversight

The EPMO provides project oversight for technology projects with a total lifecycle cost in excess of $500,000*. The purpose of the oversight is to ensure projects are well managed and on-track for success.  Project Management Oversight consists of:

  1. Oversight Project Manager (OPM) Assignment:  The EPMO assigns an OPM to every IT Activity that has an estimated (or actual) total lifecycle cost in excess of $500,000*.

  2. Approval of Project Manager Selection for Projects with lifecycle costs over $500,000 as required by State statute to ensure there is a good match between the Project Manager’s experience/qualifications/availability and the size/complexity of the project.
  3. Evaluation of Project Risk Factors:  An OPM performs an initial project risk evaluation in conjunction with the Project Manager and Business Lead to determine the amount of oversight needed for a project. 
  4. Determination of the Appropriate Level of Effort:  Based on the results of the risk evaluation, the appropriate level of oversight and minimum set of PM deliverables are determined:  Light, Classic or Robust.

  5. Performing Oversight Activities:  For the life of the project, the OPM performs oversight activities which include:
  • Verifying that minimum project management deliverables are completed and have quality content. 
  • Producing OPM Reports on a quarterly basis for IT projects that are on target for scope, schedule, and budget and monthly for those that are not. The reports are distributed by the OPM to the Project Manager, Sponsor, State Chief Information Officer (CIO), ADS Deputy Secretary, EPMO Director, and State Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Others may be included in the distribution by request or at the OPM's discretion. See the EPMO Project Health Indicator Guide for more information on the designation of green, yellow, and red on these reports. 
  • Coordinating a quarterly Project Manager performance assessment for IT projects in the Planning and Execution phases using the EPMO Project Manager Scorecard.  See Project Manager Performance Measures for more information.  
More Information:

*The dollar threshold for project oversight set by the Vermont Legislature was $100,000 from July 2012 through June 2015.