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Determine the appropriate action to take in acquiring technology systems or services:

1. Are you still in the process of defining your requirements?
YES: Complete the gathering and documenting of your requirements before proceeding.
NO:   Continue.

2. Are you trying to gather information about potential technology solutions and costs? 
YES: Start with a Request for Information (RFI). See RFI to access information on this process. 

A Request for Information (RFI) is a research and information gathering document used when an agency seeks to learn about the options available for addressing a particular need or wants to obtain information to help create viable requirements for a potential solicitation. For example, are you trying to gather information about potential technology solutions and costs? Issuing an RFI to potential bidders would elicit responses that would enable the agency to write specifications to provide the agency with the best solution. RFI responses can be used to inform the decision making process on what system or service are needed and how to successfully “bid” for that service or system or equipment.

NO: Continue

3. Can your requirements be met through an existing statewide contract available through the Office Purchasing & Contracting?

All statewide contracts are available on-line at:

YES: Follow Agency procedures for purchasing under Statewide Contracts. Purchases under Statewide Contracts must be made in accordance with the Contract’s “Method of Ordering” instructions. This is a critical step in the process. These Statewide Contracts were established in concert with ADS and the AGO and include the steps and tools (documentation) necessary with respect to purchase considerations such as cost thresholds, responsibilities, approval gates, confidentiality, security and legal liability. As always, a Contracting Agency may contact the BGS Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC) with any questions.

NO:   Continue.

4. Does BGS have a Retainer contract for the type of work or services you are seeking, and if so will the value of your contract be $100,000 or less? 

The BGS Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC) has Retainer contracts with more than 30 vendors for services in 12 different service categories to make the contracting process easier and faster. “Retainer” means the vendor has signed a “master contract” with OPC and has already agreed to the State’s standard terms and conditions. See  the Retainer Vendors page to view the service categories and vendors currently available. 

YES: Use the Retainer bid process. 
NO:   Continue

5. Is the contract amount expected to be under $100,000 and do you know 3 or more qualified vendors? 
YES: Use the Simplified Bid process as described in Bulletin 3.5, Section VIII (A)
NO:   Continue

6. Are you planning to issue an RFP?
A Request for Proposal (RFP) is generally used for the procurement of services or technology in situations where price is not the sole determining factor and the award will be based on a combination of cost and technical factors (Best Value).  Through its proposal, the bidder offers a solution to the objectives, problem, or need specified in the RFP, and defines how it intends to meet (or exceed) the RFP requirements.

YES: Use the Standard Bid process.

Appropriate planning is essential for a successful RFP. The first step is to view the process as a project and to develop a timeline of events to meet the agency’s programmatic needs and effectively budget staff time. It is also essential to focus on and develop the contract scope of service and deliverables that are required before proceeding to develop the methodology for evaluating proposals.

NO: Continue

Go to Step 2 if you have selected a bid process (i.e.,Simplified, Retainer or Standard).