Review and Approval

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Procurement Statement of Work (SOW) and Request for Proposal (RFP) reviews and approvals:

Home Agency/Department Review & Approval
Submit SOWs and RFPs for review and/or approval by your own Agency and/or Department in accordance with your internal review/approval policies. 

Federal Approval
SOWs and RFPs that result in federally funded contracts may be subject to federal approval. Verify the need and process for this within your own Agency/Department.

Approval for Privatization
If the Procurement SOW or RFP will result in a Privatization contract (a contract that causes a workforce reduction of one or more full-time permanent State employees), Attorney General’s Office, Department of Human Resources, Department of Finance and Management, and Secretary of Administration approvals are required. Refer to Bulletin 3.5 for complete instructions and information regarding Privatization contracts.

State Chief Information Officer (CIO) Review & Approval
All Information Technology RFPs require State CIO approval regardless of the estimated lifecycle costs of your IT Activity.  

How do I obtain State CIO approval to post an RFP?

  • A State CIO signed Business Case/Cost Analysis (an IT ABC form) is a prerequisite for approval for those IT activities with lifecycle costs over $500K. See Starting an IT Project for information on how to compile and submit the IT ABC form. 
  • Email draft RFPs to
  • The ADS IT Contracting and Procurement group coordinates the ADS review and approval process. This includes a weekly meeting called PAT (Procurement Advisory Team) to review all RFPs, contracts, and contract amendments in the ADS queue for review. The PAT members are the ADS IT Contracting and Procurement Specialists, the State CIO, the Chief Technology Officer, the Chief Security Officer, EPMO management and the Oversight Project Manager, the AGO, and the BGS Director of Purchasing and Contracting.
  • Anticipate that you may receive comments and/or questions that may require follow-up in order to complete the review process and obtain approval to post your RFP.  Allow at least 2 weeks in your project plan for RFP review. We will make every effort to complete our review as quickly as possible. The speed of approval is based on current volume in ADS for review/approval and the quality of the documents brought forward for review. If revisions are required, your documents may take more than 2 weeks to complete the review/approval cycle.
  • Once approved, your RFP is ready for posting. 

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