Bid Review and Selection

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Bid Openings: A public bid opening is required when the amount of the resulting contract is expected to exceed $100,000. A Building and General Services' (BGS) Purchasing Agent or Technology Procurement Administrator will perform these bid openings on the date and time indicated on the RFP. 

Late Bids: All RFPs/SOWs provide a deadline for the receipt of bids. Bids received after that date shall be returned unopened to the bidder. BGS will take care of this for bids that were posted through their office.

Form Bid Committee (optional but recommended): A Bid Committee can be established to review bids received from potential vendors. The Committee should be comprised of key stakeholders.

Select Finalist(s): Use the criteria you outlined in your RFP/SOW to evaluate the bids and select one or more finalists. Any means used to evaluate bids as well as justifications for bid selection must be documented and retained. 

Vendor Demonstrations (optional): Invite your finalist(s) to demonstrate their product/system in person or via a webinar to your Bid Committee. 

Make Vendor Selection: Based on the completion of your review/evaluation process, make a vendor selection. Important: this selection is not final until an Independent Review is performed if applicable (for IT Activities with lifecycle costs of $1,000,000 or more) and until contract negotiations are completed. 

Bid Award Notification: Notify the selected vendor that you are interested in entering into contract negotiation.  

Notification to Other Bidders:  Notify the other bidders once you have signed a contract. BGS will take care of these notifications if your bids were solicited through BGS.

If the cost of your IT Activity is expected to be $1,000,000 or more, then go to next step - Independent Review
Otherwise go to Step 7- Contracting.