Procurement Assistance

The Office of Purchasing and Contracting within the Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS) is responsible for overseeing purchasing and contracting on behalf of Vermont State government, and for ensuring compliance with Administrative Bulletin 3.5 and relevant State statutes and Executive Orders. BGS is responsible for the acquisition of commodities and many statewide services needed by any State agency/department. This includes all aspects of bid administration for IT systems and services. Reference the BGS's Office of Purchasing & Contracting website for further information. 

Administrative Bulletin 3.5 is a policy issued by the Secretary of Administration, that establishes and outlines the minimum standards and requirements for soliciting and contracting for all state requirements, including IT, however additional requirements apply for IT procurement. The Information Technology Procurement Guideline is a companion document to Administrative Bulletin 3.5 that is specific to IT. It is available for reference on BGS's Office of Purchasing & Contracting website. 

The EPMO’s IT Contracting and Procurement group is responsible for coordinating IT procurement review on behalf of the Agency of Digital Services (ADS) and for obtaining State CIO approval on RFPs, contracts, and contract amendments in accordance with Administrative Bulletin 3.5. 

State CIO approval is required for all:

a. Information Technology RFPs; 

b. Contracts for cloud services (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS);

c. Information Technology and Information Security contracts which will involve the electronic processing, storing, or transmission of Confidential Information;

d. Sole Source Contracts for IT activities and information security (must be approved prior to approval by the Secretary); and

e. Information Technology and Information Security contracts over $500,000.

Procurement of technology systems and services occurs during the Planning phase of an IT project. Prior to starting this process, you must gather and document the requirements for the system and/or services you plan to procure. If the lifecycle costs of your IT activity/project are expected to exceed $500,000, then a State CIO approved Business Case and Cost Analysis (IT ABC form) is required before starting the procurement process. See Starting an IT Project for more information on completing the IT ABC form

The Procurement Process for Technology Systems and Services includes the following steps: 


Select Procurement ProcessRight ArrowDraft Bid DocumnetsRight ArrowReview and ApprovalRight ArrowProcurement PostingRight ArrowReview and SelectionRight ArrowIndependant ReviewRight ArrowContracting


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