Portfolio Reports and Metrics

EPMO Reports

The EPMO tracks and reports on IT activities with estimated lifecycle costs over $500,000 as follows:

1) Annually to the Legislature as required by State Statute: 

2016 Report
2017 Report (Generated December 2016)
2018 Report (Generated December 2017)
2019 Report (Generated December 2018)

2) Quarterly to the State’s project management community via the Project Information Exchange and our website: 

FY 17 1st Quarter:  IT Projects for IT Activities with Estimated Lifecycle Costs of One Million Dollars or More

FY17 4th Quarter:  IT Projects Over $500K/sites/epmo/files/Data_FY17_4thQTR_Qtrly_Report%20%28003%29.pdf

3) As Requested by the Governor's Office or Legislature:

FY18 $500K IT Activities Report requested by the Legislative Information Technology Committee (dated 3/27/2017)

Agency Responsibilities for IT Activity Reporting

Tracking (current and projected future) costs for their IT activities that have estimated lifecycle costs over $500,000.

Reporting their IT activities with estimated lifecycle costs over $500,00 to the EPMO annually and as requested.

Maintaining project specific budgets for all active IT projects that have estimated lifecycle costs over $500,000. 

Independent Review (IR) Reports

An IR is required by Vermont statute for IT activities with a lifecycle cost of $1,000,000 or more, or at the discretion of the State Chief Information Officer (CIO). Below are the completed reports from 2013 to the present.


AOT Construction Management System Replacement

DMV Credentialing Issuing Services Replacement

AGR Environmental Laboratory Information Management System Replacement

AOA Tax Capture, Scanning and Printing

AOE Shared School District Data Management System

ADS Mainframe Outsourcing

SOS Voter Accessibility


AOE Science Assessment

AOT Statewide Parcel Mapping

Liquor Control Department Point of Use & Central Office System

HIE Vermont IT Leaders (VITL) Development and Network Operations (redacted)

AOA Finance and Management Enterprise Resource Planning Expansion


         ANR Enterprise Content Management System (to be posted soon)

         DMV Cashiering Point of Sale System 

         DCF Integrated Eligibility (Procurement cancelled 2/3/16 & IR cancelled thereafter. IR-Lessons Learned published in lieu of IR Report)

         DOC and BGS Cameras and Systems

         DPS Automated Fingerprint Identification System

         Enterprise Learning Management System 

         Health Information Exchange Blueprint Clinical Registry

         Next Generation Licensing Platform

         Resource Sharing System and Integrated Library System (to be posted soon in active procurement)

         Unemployment Insurance Modernization (Redacted)


DAIL Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management System

DCF Fuel EBT Solution

DII Voice Over Internet Protocol

DMH Electronic Healthcare Records 

DOC Inmate Healthcare Services

GMCB Multipayer Database Services VHCures 2.0 (Redacted version, still in active procurement)

Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) Care Management Solution

Security Support Services for the HealthServices Enterprise Platform (confidential due to security information)

Vermont Health Information Exchange Network


AOA Worker's Compensation & Liability System

AOE Assessment Model ImplementationRisk Register and Cost Analysis 

AOE VADR (Longitudinal Data System (SLDS))

AOE Vermont Child Nutrition System Modernization Project

AOT Advanced Transportation Mgmt System (NH, VT & ME)/ 511 Phone System/CARS

AOT Business Process Management System (BPMS)

DPS e-Ticket project

DVHA MMIS - Pharmacy Benefits Management

E911 Replacement

TAX Integrated Tax Solution


AHS Integrated Eligibility & Health Benefits Exchange

AOT Maintenance Asset Tracking System (MATS)

DII Hosted Colocation Data Center

DLC Retail & Point of Sale System

DOC Offender Management System

DMV Automated Driver License Testing System

SOS Elections Administrative Platform

VDH Women Infant Children (WIC) System Replacement/EBT Implementation