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The Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) provides the following services for and on behalf of the State of Vermont:

1.  Project Management Standards for IT Projects:

A.  Methodology, Standards* and Best Practices:  The EPMO defines the methodology, standards and best practices for state-wide project management.

B.  Tools and Templates:  The EPMO provides project management tools and templates that offer project managers a consistent method to organize, track and document project information. 

2.   Oversight Project Management*:  The EPMO provides project management oversight for technology projects with total lifecycle costs in excess of $500,000.  This includes approving the assignment of the State and/or contractor project managers for these projects.  The purpose of oversight is to ensure projects are well managed and on-track for success.  The EPMO determines the extent of the oversight services needed based on the project complexity, risks and total life cycle cost.

3.   Project Manager Services

A.  Project Manager Services for State IT Projects:  At the request of State agencies/departments, the EPMO will provide project management services for State technology projects (subject to resource availability).

B.  Project Management for ADS Projects:  The EPMO provides project managers for ADS sponsored IT projects, most of which are enterprise projects.

4.   Enterprise Portfolio Management*:  In support of the State CIO’s legislative requirement to create a 5 year Technology Plan and annual state-wide budget for all IT activities over $500,000, the EPMO solicits, tracks and reports on IT activity information from all State agencies. 

5.  Project Management Training and Communication:

A.  Training:  The EPMO offers project management training as requested for State and contract employees.

6.  IT Contracting and Procurement Services:

A.  Procurement and Contracting Standards:  The EPMO works with the ADS Office of Contracting and Procurement, the Office of the Attorney General, Finance and Management, and the Procurement Division of Buildings and General Services to provide policies, standards, tools and templates to assist with procurement of IT hardware, software, and services.

B.  Independent Review Process:  The EPMO coordinates the Independent Review process for all IT Activities over $1,000,000 and others as requested at the discretion of the State CIO.

*Based on and/or as required by Vermont State Statutes.

Pricing Model

The EPMO bills for services as authorized by Vermont Statute. The pricing model for services performed by the EPMO is $88 per hour.  

Contact Us

For service and support inquiries, please email us at: or  contact a member of the EPMO Team.