Scrum Meetings

The Scrum process has some regular meetings/events as described below. 
1. Storytime Session (Optional): This is a requirements gathering session. The Product Owner may use this method to gather user stories from Stakeholders for the Product Backlog. See Requirements Gathering on the EPMO website for more information and approaches to gathering requirements.
2. Product Backlog Grooming Meeting: Discuss and make updates to the Product Backlog in preparation for sprint planning. The Product Owner answers questions about the user stories, which results in user stories being updated and/or clarified. Large user stories (called epics) are broken out into smaller ones.
3. Sprint Planning Meeting: The Scrum team focuses on the user stories that are listed as the highest priority on the Product Backlog. They estimate these user stories, break them down into tasks, and commit to which ones to complete in the next sprint.  
4. Daily Scrum: A fifteen (15) minute stand-up meeting. Team members take turns providing the following: 1) what they completed yesterday, 2) what they plan to complete today, and 3) any impediments to completing their work or the team’s. The Sprint Backlog is updated with the status of tasks, the addition of any new tasks, and/or the assignment of tasks.
5. Sprint Review Meeting: The team demonstrates/presents the completed user stories to the Product Owner. Based on the acceptance criteria, the Product Owner accepts or rejects the work as being complete.
6. Sprint Retrospective: This is a lessons learned exercise focused on what worked well and what can be improved on for the next sprint. The team selects at least one idea for improvement to try in the next sprint. 

Resources for Additional Information on Scrum Meetings

Scrum Guide from the