Request for Information

RFI (Request For Information) - What is this and when is this a good approach to use?

When is an RFI a Good Approach?

You want to address a current business need, but you need more information on what products/services/systems are available and how much they cost.

What is an RFI?

RFI stands for Request For Information. It is a means to gather information in an organized and comparable way about potential solutions/options for meeting your business need. The information you gather is used for planning purposes and to determine next steps, but not to actually procure a system, product or service.

Does ADS need to review and approve my RFI?

ADS does not need to review and approve your RFI. We can however, review it and provide feedback at your request. If you are already working with an EPMO Oversight Project Manager, you can forward the RFI to them. If not, you can send it to the ADS IT Contracting and Procurement group at

Is an approved Business Case and/or Cost Analysis required before sending out an RFI?

No, in fact, the information you obtain through an RFI process will assist you in putting together your Business Case and Cost Analysis (IT ABC Form).

What do I do with my RFI once I have it ready to send out?

Follow the guidance provided in Administrative Bulletin 3.5 on the BGS Office of Procurement and Contracting's website.

RFI template

A sample template is available on the BGS Office of Procurement and Contracting's website.

What do I do after I receive the vendor responses to my RFI?

The RFI responses will hopefully provide you with the information you were looking for about potential solutions and costs. In some cases you may follow-up with respondents for additional information or demonstrations. If you decide to pursue a technology solution go to our Starting an IT Project page for information on how to get started.