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The heavy lifting is done and it is time to wrap up the project by gaining formal User Acceptance (that the project work is complete based on the requirements); documenting Lessons Learned; faciliating the completion of Customer Surveys; completing a Close-out report and meeting; finalizing and archiving project documentation; and transitioning to Operations.

Closing To-Do List:

1. Obtain Final Sign-off /User Acceptance on all Project Deliverables

Project Manager obtains User Acceptance sign-off on all deliverables to signify that the project work is complete.  See Formal Acceptance template.

2. Document Lessons Learned

The purpose of the Lessons Learned is to capture information that can be utilized to improve future projects. The Project Manager (or a resource from outside the project team) documents the lessons learned via a survey or facilitated meeting.  The Lessons Learned includes all phases of the project.  Some basic questions to cover:  What went well?  What didn’t go well?  What would you do differently?   See Lessons Learned template.

3. Perform a Customer Survey

The survey is intended to verify that the implemented solution meets the customer’s needs.   See Customer Satisfaction Survey.

4. Complete a Project Close-out Report & Hold a Project Close-out Meeting

The main goal of the Project Close-out Report is to assess the project's success. Did it achieve the intended business value and was the project implemented in scope, on schedule, and in budget? The Project Manager drafts the Project Close-out Report, then schedules a meeting to review it with the Sponsor and Oversight Project Manager (OPM). It is recommended that key project team members and key stakeholders are also invited to participate. Following the meeting, the Project Manager makes any updates to the report and obtains sign-off from both the Sponsor and OPM.  

5. Finalize & Archive Project Documents

Ensure all contract invoices are paid and contracts are closed out.  Complete any final updates to your project’s SharePoint site (or other document repository) as well as any project documents (e.g. Project Plan, Status Report, etc.). 

6. Transition to Operations/ Service Level Agreement

At this point, the project officially ends by transitioning from implementation to operations/maintenance.  Service level agreements (if applicable) now take effect.