Performance Measures for Project Managers

A Project Manager’s (PM’s) performance on a State IT project will be assessed on a quarterly basis (beginning FY17) for projects with lifecycle costs over $500,000 that are in the Planning or Execution phases.* These assessments are applicable to:
  • All PMs that are State of Vermont employees (including limited service).  
  • Any contracted PMs for any new contracts signed on/after 7/1/16.
  • Any contracted PMs under existing contracts, unless prohibited by the contract language therein.

The PM role is critical to project success. These quarterly assessments provide a routine mechanism for checking-in on how the PM is doing and addressing any issues that are identified. 

*The OPM may forego the PM Scorecard if he/she has reported the scope, schedule, and budget of the project as green (on target) for the last quarter. The rationale is that if the project is going well then there probably isn't a need to assess the performance of the PM functions on the project.  

Who will perform the PM assessments?

The PM assessment will be performed by the Project Sponsor and/or their delegate(s) and the EPMO assigned Oversight Project Manager (OPM).  

How will PM Performance be measured?

The EPMO’s Project Manager Scorecard is the standard method for measuring PM performance. The sponsoring State entity may also use additional tools or methods of measurement at their discretion. 
The Project Sponsor’s score and/or their delegates will be averaged to obtain a Business score. The Business score and the OPM score will be averaged to obtain an overall final score for the PM.

How will the assessments be conducted?

  • The OPM will work with the Business reviewer(s) to establish a regular timeframe to complete the assessments each quarter. 
  • Each reviewer will independently score the PM and provide their score to the OPM. 
  • The OPM will calculate the overall final score.
  • The OPM will schedule a meeting with the Business reviewer(s) to discuss the scorecard and next steps if the final overall score is not “Good”.  
  • The OPM and/or the Business reviewer(s) will meet with the PM to discuss the scorecard and the planned approach to address the areas needing improvement.   
  • The OPM will email the PM the results of the scorecard if they scored “Good”.

Language to include in Contracts for PM Services:

The PM scorecard shall be referenced and linked to future contracts that include PM services and include the following or similar language:  

Project Managers are subject to quarterly performance assessments. The State has the right to request that a Contractor replace a Project Manager resource within 14 business days, at no additional cost to the State, if he/she does not receive a "Good" performance rating. Ratings will be assessed using the Enterprise Project Management Office’s Project Manager Scorecard.