Project Information Exchange

What is the Project Information Exchange (PIE)?

The Project Information Exchange (PIE) is an email distribution group that was created in July 2013 to provide a means for the EPMO to communicate project, project management, and enterprise portfolio information to the project management community within Vermont State Government. 

How can I become a member of PIE?

If you are a Vermont State employee that participates in technology projects and is interested in becoming a member of PIE, please click the "Join Today!" button below.

Is there an easy way to reference prior PIE communications?

A library of prior PIE emails are available on the PIE Sharepoint site for PIE member reference.               

What is PIER?

PIER stands for Project Information Exchange Roundtable. It's an interactive forum to share information, ideas, perspectives, challenges and questions on project management related topics of interest. Goals of PIER:

  • Learn something new! Get ideas you can use to improve the management and success of your projects.
  • Commiserate with other PMs on issues/problems that we all have in common and groupthink possible solutions.
  • Leverage the project management expertise we have across state government, by creating a forum to share knowledge and experiences.
  • Promote project management best practices and continuous improvement.
  • Relationship-build: collaborate and get to know other project professionals within state government.

Invitees:  Open to anyone in Vermont state government who is interested in discussing project management related topics.

Upcoming Schedule (Dates & Topics): 

No upcoming sessions are currently scheduled.